What Actually Is a Copywriter?

A copywriter is a person who develops written text for a variety of platforms. 

When someone encounters you or your business what is the first thing that happens? 


A copywriter ensures that communication is a direct reflection of you or your business. 

It's essential for success that people see and hear exactly what you're all about.

Why Do I Need a Copywriter?

This is the age old question...why spend money on copy when I can do it myself? 

It's absolutely true, you can write copy yourself, give it a try - but I don't recommend it. If you write the wrong copy in the wrong way, it can destroy your sales, in fact it has the potential of destroying your business or other projects you are promoting. As soon as you develop a brand for yourself, it is very difficult to change and a bad brand can haunt you forever!

Copywriters work with you to develop effective copy that make people feel good - about you and your business. An effective copywriter can increase your sales exponentially overnight - no joke.

So ask yourself this - "Can I really afford not to have a copywriter?"  

Can I Really Afford a Copywriter?


Costs depend on your project size. Effective copy however, is quite affordable and Bulls-eye Copywriting provides competitive rates. We'll work within your budget and time frames to ensue that you are provided with the absolute best copy that our 15 years of experience can provide.

Click below to check out all the various forms of copy we offer along with our rates.

We guarantee you won't be disappointed!




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