Billionaire Maxwell Storm, a man given the greatest and most deadly gift imaginable- A Time Machine. But with this incredible responsibility comes a curse, to find and destroy the metal monstrosities called Annihilators that his father unknowingly unleashed on humanity.

Aided by a beautiful, but not so human woman named Susan, his best friend and weapons expert William Frasier (Tinker), his surrogate parents James and Martha and his personal pilot Sandy Knox, together they struggle throughout history to keep the horrors Sam Storm unleashed from devastating and ultimately destroying the planet.

Max Storm

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Max Storm and Susan Sutton




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Max receives a call from a Senator Daniel McBain inviting him, Susan and Tinker to his mansion in Colorado. Max refuses until he learns that the senator knows about the time machine…and Susan. They find themselves, aided by Max’s new personal pilot Sandy Knox, pitted against an adversary who has already spanned time, one who plans on changing the past so that the Third Reich lives for a thousand years.