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Olivia Jordan

Beautiful, radiant, exotic, violent, deadly…

Olivia Jordan, top field agent for the National Security Agency, tasked with missions deemed “impossible” she is sent when there is no other choice. Aided by her partner Austin Nichols and her support specialist Marion Sanborn, they are pitted against villains’ foreign and domestic, unearthing conspiracies with global, earth shattering consequences.  

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Olivia Joran National Security Agent




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Revolution First Shot

While returning from a mission in Russia, Olivia and Austin find that an EMP terror attack has crippled the United States. Landing in Texas they discover that the terror attack was actually a false flag event initiated by the current Administration in a plot to take over the country and destroy the Constitution. The country is now divided and a new revolutionary war has begun, pitting the Administration, aided by NATO and factions in Russia and China against the United States military which now

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