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Home of author, writer and novelist Trace Hunter’s, Time Work Books

Welcome to My Author Portfolio

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Welcome to the home of Trace Hunter's Time Work Books.
On this site you will find both works that are currently for sale at places like Amazon or Barnes and Noble plus a huge number of novels that will be available in the future. I have also added a page with "video teasers", short simple videos that will give the future reader an idea of what is inside each novel.
These are for your enjoyment and entertainment only.
My main goal here is to, well, obviously promote my works, but to hopefully inspire other writers to put their thoughts down without fear and to nuture the creative soul.

There is also a page dedicated to my cover artist John Collado.

This site will be updated regularly and in time, I will open a blog, well hopefully try to maintain a blog! Enjoy yourself, and if you have ideas or suggestions, please feel free to fill out the contact form below and ask.

Unveiling the Writer

Creativity, that was the hallmark of my childhood. Looking at life with a set of eyes that saw a story in everything.
Growing up in rural upstate NY it was that creativity that sparked entertainment, opening worlds that for most, would never be opened. It was at this time that I began writing, opening worlds and adventures for myself, a place where dreams became reality.
It would be many years later that this talent would be unleashed with the help of the personal computer. With the same eyes as my youth, I still look at the world as an amazing place, full of stories and I encourage both the young and old to see a story in everything and everywhere and to take the time to write it down.
The thought at that particular moment is the most important, not the punctuation or grammar, that can be corrected later, but the thought...the thought is eternal and limitless. So if you have an idea, a vision, a thought...write it down - now!


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