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Time Work History

Time Work Books began in the fall of 1989 in front of a Commodore 64 computer, yes, a computer that had less computing power than most watches today.

However, it began with the creation of the first Max Storm novel –The Time Dominators

This with much frustration and computer pit falls, became an actual physical trade paperback book.

There was much to be proud of as well as a considerable amount to be embarrassed by. What you may ask? Oh punctuation and grammar. Keep in mind this was produced using bear skins and knives and no computer spell check, it didn’t exist then. However it did go to an editor who helped and found much of what was wrong, and yet, there was still more to find.

Now with that embarrassing confession out of the way, I should also add that I thought when putting this together, that using a better, higher pound paper and a darker font was best – heck, why not right?


Though the pages and book will probably outlive me, the paper was too white and I used the wrong font, leaving the poor reader with sore eyes and a headache.

That being said, the story was and is, the foundation for the entire Max Storm series of which there are a total of ten novels, many mentioned on this site and more to come.

I sold over one thousand books, not bad considering I didn’t go through any publishing house. I also attended book signings, and science fiction conventions.

That is another story….but here are few images from times...











For many years I wrote for the sake of writing, tried to go the traditional publishing route and like many, ended up getting taken advantage of. I even won a couple of literary awards and of course through it all, I didn’t quit my day job.

When the Internet came it was, though very slow at the time it was like a breath of fresh air!

Today I can not imagine writing without it and the resources it provides, this website being one of them.

I should say that Time Work Books not only created the Max Storm series but produced stand alone works like The Rift and Foxtrot 24. All my novels to date however were time travel related (I admit I am obsessed with the concept of Time Travel – you should write me and ask me for my theory on time travel…) until in 1995 in the deep-dark dungeon of my writing room I was greeted with my most powerful character Olivia Jordan, whom I will freely admit, is modeled after my wife. Ten novels later, Olivia Jordan is still my most powerful and endearing character and if there was ever a movie studio that wanted a blockbuster that could rival Ian Fleming’s James Bond , Olivia is it.

What made the Olivia Jordan novels so unique was they were not science fiction but dealt with high tech nightmares and conspiracy theories.

I would also like to add that Time Work Books also produced and ghost wrote another eight novels.

Time Work Books also in the 90’s pared itself with Airbrush Art (now John Collado Art) and became Time Work Studios

Time Work Studios still exists as a dot com name but split apart early in 2014 as both John Collado and myself struggled to identify our works in an ever competitive society and marketplace.

Today Time Work Books stands on its own and hopefully will inspire others to show their work and realize that standing on your own is tough – but one of the greatest achievements one can do, despite failure or success.


Trace Hunter

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