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Time Work Books

Time Work Books

Novel Video Teaser Page

Foxtrot 24.jpg
one tin soldier4.jpg
The Rift II

A word from the Author: 

This page contains small videos of each novel that I have written. They are fairly short (4-5 minutes) and as videos go...not professional, not in the slightest.

That being said, each video is a grouping of images, short videos and music that I feel will give you an idea of what the book is about. All images are purely symbolic and not meant to represent the actual person. Some places and events are however, real. They are just images and sounds that match some-what, the story. They are not linear, in other words, they do not tell the story from beginning to end.

These videos are solely for your enjoyment, nothing more, and are not meant to entice you to purchase my works; I feel that once you read one of my novels, they will speak for themselves.

These videos are a gift from me to you for taking the time to wander through my website. If you enjoy them, please feel free to do one of two things, either click on the heart symbol on each video or drop me an email on the contact page.

My thanks to the artists and photographers whose help make all these.

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