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"On vacation in Florida, top NSA agent Olivia Jordan stumbles upon a conspiracy involving weather modification developed by the corporation CNS (Central Nerve Systems) and a United States Army General hell bent on overthrowing the government.
She also inadvertently bumps into a young man, Seth Adams who is unaware that he is the key, The Nexus, of the entire project by CNS. Olivia also finds that she has become his protector, keeping him alive from a religious cult trying to kill him and the CNS Corporation – who wants to use him to trigger the overthrow of the United States government.
With the help of Ruth Haversack, an elderly woman who takes both Olivia and Seth in, Austin Nichols, Olivia’s partner in the NSA and Robert Johnson a FBI agent, they discover how far reaching and intertwined the conspiracy goes and that despite all their talents, stopping The Nexus and the overthrow of the United States may be impossible."

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