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"While aiding the BATF on a weapon trafficking case, Olivia Jordan uncovers a unique weapon mixed in with all the rest, a weapon so powerful, so devastating - a eugenic weapon that only targets humans.
With the aid of Christopher Andrews an agent for the BATF and his director, Peter Blake, their search for the source of the weapon leads them to the Red Feather Resort, a megaresort for the rich located high up in the Colorado Mountains. They discover that multibillionaire Nathan Curtis of Curtis shipping owns and operates the resort and two more around the world.
Curtis, a megalomaniac with tastes to match his lust for power and control, sides himself with a US Army general, Samuel Eddington and other high-ranking officials from around the world in order to launch the Phoenix project a project designed for global domination.
Olivia and Chris find themselves in a race against the time, in order to stop the Phoenix from rising from the ashes. However, they must first discover what the Phoenix project is as well as pit themselves against Curtis and Eddington who will do anything to stop them in order to attain world domination."

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