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The Rift II...It's finally out!

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Well has been a long haul, with all the events of last year - and this year. During this time, yes, I haven't blogged much and also took a ninety degree turn in my writing. Initially I have been working on my new book, Thumper, but, well, kind of got side tracked on another book.

The Rift II

I have gotten so many positive responses on The Rift that I decided to continue the story. How you say? Thought it was all wrapped up at the end of The Rift?


The Rift II nearly takes off where The Rift ended and I have to tell you...this one will keep you on the edge of your seat as it did me while I was writing it. I brought three characters back from the original, Jenna, AJ and Ginny and added quite a few more twists and turns as they encounter dinosaurs - aliens and even some creatures never known to exist!

I am publishing it currently in two formats, softcover and eBook and I'm working to possibly get it in hardcover as well.

If you haven't read The Rift then based on the responses I've gotten, you're missing out on a really captivating story and if you have read The Rift...then you're just going to love The Rift II!

If you'd like to purchase a copy...just click the link below!

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