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Whose Your Favorite Author?

We all read, well, most of us do and if you're here it's easy to assume you do too. Well then, let me ask you this, who is your favorite author?

Don't worry, I won't feel bad if you say I'm not, in fact, for me I'm not my favorite author either.

Actually, Dean Koontz is my favorite author.

It is hard to categorize which of his novels are top on my list, but I did and still love "Seize the Night" and "Fear Nothing" and I must admit, I am waiting patiently for the third one. "Midnight" also was another favorite.

I must admit that I look up to Mr. Koontz as a writer and inspire to even be one tenth as good.

Now for a short story....

Back in the mid 90's, years after my first book "The Time Dominators" I actually wrote Mr. Koontz asking him if he could read and advise on another piece I was working on. In theory, I was hoping to possibly get a leg up, which if you're at the bottom, a boost sometimes helps.

Well, I did get a response back, a hand written letter, not a form letter but hand written one directed to me in essence apologizing for not being able to help and a lot of words of encouragement.

That letter is framed and hangs on my wall today and on those bad days, inspires me to go on.

So I ask who is your favorite author?

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