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  • Trace Hunter

Max Storm - Sacrifices

And yet another in the Max Storm series, Sacrifices out of all my

novels is the "Odd Man Out". As anyone who has read any other novel in the Max Storm series, you know it centers around time travel, alternate dimensions, killing machines and is essentially science fiction.

Well...Sacrifices breaks that trend, this novel is about something every country in the world deals with - drugs.

Max and Sandy pit themselves against two huge mobs, one in the United States and the other in Russia. Without the help of their other friends and companions, the time machine or his fabled sword, Max uses the one weapon at his disposal that in itself speaks volumes - money.

This novel literally has zero science fiction in sorry to all of you who were looking for that next Sci-Fi Max novel. What this novel does show you is more about who Max is and to what lengths he will go to do the right thing.

I enjoyed writing this due to the fact Max doesn't have his time machine or his sword - which here is a spoiler alert - there will be an upcoming Max Storm novel that delves deep into the sword itself and its vast capabilities. So, take a step back from your science fiction binge reading and read Sacrifices.

As always I welcome your opinions and thoughts.


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